Sunday, 15 December 2013

Growth of Birth Tourism in Saipan

Birth Tourism
  Our little hospital has grown stronger in many ways under the leadership of our motivated and engaging CEO, Ether Muna, in the past year. We have more resources in nursery, pediatrics but still not an excess to spare for the quick rise in Chinese citizen births in Saipan. Chinese babies are now the #1 ethnic group delivering in Saipan, and it's becoming a bigger issue.

What I'm talking about is not Chinese citizens who have chosen to live in Saipan and have children. We are a country of immigrants, a child of a couple myself, and would never hold prejudices against those coming to this country (even this commonwealth) to contribute to it.

 The ones giving birth and by and far wealthy priveleged Chinese couples who, by law, can only have 1 child in China. They are coming to have a 2nd child and gain the benefits of US citizenship for that child in the future. The mother comes at 6-7 months pregnancy, wearing loose clothing via travel agents that profiteer in this type of work. She usually overstays her visa and once she delivers and all seems well with the baby- flies back to China with a U.S. passport in hand for the baby.

 It seems the local government is finally taking some steps to deter this, but it'll be some time before the numbers really start falling.

Saipan government taking steps to deter more birth tourism

Next post will be a baby success story!